The works of Mary Anne Rudy

Art for your Environment


Born: Rivers, Manitoba, Canada
Education: Bachelor of Interior Design, University of Manitoba
Master of Facility Management, University of Manitoba
Monotype Printmaking:  Red Deer Community College
Monotype Printmaking:  Martha Street Studio-Winnipeg
Relief Printmaking: Martha Street Studio-Winnipeg
Etching & Lithography:  Red Deer Community College
Intermediate Watercolour: Winnipeg Art Gallery 
Intermediate Acrylic Painting: Winnipeg Art Gallery
Intermediate Pastel Drawing:  Winnipeg Art Gallery
The Art of Managing Your Career – ACI Manitoba
Solo Exhibitions:   2005 Fleet Gallery-Winnipeg
2012 Birchwood Art Gallery-Winnipeg
2015 Fleet Gallery - Winnipeg
Two Person Exhibitions:  2007 Fleet Gallery-Winnipeg
2007 Birchwood Art Gallery –Winnipeg
2009 Birchwood Art Gallery-Winnipeg
2019 Fleet Gallery-Winnipeg
Group Exhibitions: 2011 In Plain View Studio Tour
2010 Birchwood Art Gallery
2006 Birchwood Art Gallery 
2006 Fleet Gallery-Winnipeg
2014 Birchwood Art Gallery
2018 Fleetwood Gallery - Winnpeg
2019 Gallery 14 - Winnpeg
Public Collections: Millennium Library Young Adult Area, Winnipeg
Canadiana  Fund:  Four Paintings selected as part of permanent collection to be displayed in Canada’s Official Residences in Ottawa & Quebec City
Corporate Collections: Province of Manitoba
The Keg Restaurants, Winnipeg
Maclean Electric, Winnipeg
Cardinal Financial Management Services, Winnipeg
Bistro Inferno Restaurant, Winnipeg
First Avenue Office Furnishings, Winnipeg
Great West Life Co., Winnipeg
Bellan Wasylin Law Firm – Beausejour

Artist statement:
To date, I have been mainly interested in creating mixed media monotype prints that are generally abstract. The outcome of monotype printmaking of this type, involving traditional and innovative techniques is always a surprise and that is what makes it such an exciting always evolving medium that I will continue to work with.

Some of my recent shows have included large acrylic and mixed media pieces. These pieces are fairly experimental and the semi abstract landscapes are meant to evoke past memories of places that people have visited or lived, allowing people to interpret the painting in their own way.

COVID 19 has sparked the beginning of the new “Isolation Series”. These are small works on paper generated as creations in quarantine. We are witnessing a great change in history that will have profound influence going forward for every person in every walk of life. Some pieces of the Isolation Series are abstract patterns generated by the mood of the day and depicting confusion and uncertainty. Other pieces depict a fragile and wobbling balance that we are all feeling. The pieces that appear to be fine lines on the bottom holding up many objects on top, attempts to portray the huge number of victims and problems we are all trying to keep balanced and hold in the air.

This art has been created without an outcome, such as an exhibition in mind and is therefore purely experimental. Lockdown has resulted in an urge to entertain oneself.

Art has survived through every disaster and the energy of creation is never exhausted. Out of this pandemic will come some of the greatest artistic creations of the century.